is a leading provider of MVP's, Hall of Famers, All-Stars, Championship Winners, Olympic Medalists, and record holders from the world of sport. 


When you work with you gain access to many of the greatest sports celebrities of our time, through one of the largest most comprehensive databases in North America. 


Every year we connect corporations, associations, fundraising organizations, meeting planners, advertising agencies, and public relations firms to many sports personalities. 


Consider a sports celebrity for personal appearances such as motivational keynote speeches, autograph signings, golf tournaments, master of ceremonies, fundraising events, conferences, trade shows, client or employee appreciation, service awards and recognition banquets, marketing and public relations. 


A sports celebrity speaker is the perfect way to enhance your corporate event, conference, or fundraiser. Bringing in a recognizable name for your event is sure to increase the attendance and make the evening memorable. Your audience will love the opportunity to meet and greet a famous person and to have the ability to get an autograph or photograph as a personal keepsake. A sports celebrity speaker is a great option for an opening keynote, luncheon keynote, or closing keynote at any conference. They can motivate or inspire individuals in the audience to higher performance which will ultimately lead to business success. The lessons learned as a successful athlete often are the same lessons that lead to success in the business world. They can cover a wide range of topics important as a business person such as: teambuilding; leadership; goal setting; focus; etc.


If you want to inspire your audience to peak performance a wise choice would be a sports motivational speaker. Speakers from the sports world have the experience of motivating themselves to the top level. Individually they have to set goals, motivate themselves and overcome challenges in order to achieve success. Not only that they have to maintain a high level of performance to be able to keep their job. Most professional athletes have a livelihood that only a few hundred worldwide would have. Imagine if you had to be in the top 400 in your industry to keep your job. Therefore a sports motivational speaker brings a memorable presentation that motivates the audience to be the best they can be.


If you are looking for the perfect sports banquet speaker we have the right option for you. Many fundraising events will utilize a great sports legend with a recognizable name to enhance their event. People love to meet a celebrity or a personal hero to take photographs, shake hands, and obtain an autograph. The sports celebrity also is a wonderful draw to increase the number of tickets sold to the event. Beyond the meet and greet aspect, the sports banquet speaker will share anecdotes from their career in professional sports that are not usually public knowledge. A behind the scenes look at the sports world is very interesting to most audience members. Usually the audience will also have the chance to ask their sports hero something they have always wanted to know during a question and answer period.


Many events will hire a motivational speaker or a professional entertainer for the after-dinner portion of the evening agenda. A wonderful option to consider as an alternative is a sports after dinner speaker. Many sports figures have some wonderful stories to tell that intrigue the audience and make the event memorable. A sports celebrity will also give the audience an opportunity to meet and greet, have a question and answer period, or an autograph session. The keynote that a sports after dinner speaker presents is both inspiring and motivational. The audience members will leave feeling energized and ready to tackle everyday obstacles.


Hockey is part of the culture and fabric of most Canadians. It is the most popular sport, therefore, in Canada, one of the most popular choices for a sports celebrity at an event is to have sports speakers in hockey. Hockey celebrities are the most known names out of all the professional sports in Canada. Having someone from the hockey world speak at your event will attract attendees and leave the audience with a story to always remember. When choosing a celebrity from all the sports, remember hockey sells. In Canada a sports speaker in hockey is the best choice to enhance your event.


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